alexisM booking


two nations... uk & germany, birmingham & berlin. sounds collide... his mission? making you love music, eyes shut, hands up. listen, enjoy & sweat. 100% vinyl since 20years. ♥



Blue MC booking


luvlee blue - australian born übercooles great singer & rapper has hit berlin. right in the heart. she is conquering the german electronic music scene single handed - with her microphone. seeing (hearing) is believing. ♥



emanate booking


san francisco based house & techno duo aka emily fox and nathan vain have gone down a long road of musical history and arrived in the future sending us tunes that make us believe in the good in humanity. ♥

their sound goes under your skin and grows on you as you listen. we love emante! /label: mioli



Monica Soldan booking


a German's descendant, based between London and Germany, who was born in Brazil. She is a multi media artist, DJ and Producer; started as personality of Sao Paulo night out, hosting in the memorable Lov.e Club, quickly finding her way to the turntables. This talented five star DJ with lots of style and glamour ♥



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